"Stand Out. Express Your Sole"

KIXbyJME is more than just a brand. It's a movement where each and every individual is encouraged to express themselves. Why own a pair of general release sneakers that everyone can own, when you can have a completely bespoke pair of hand-painted sneakers, to make you Stand Out, thus allowing you to Express Your Sole. Each and every individual is unique, we all have our own styles. KIXbyJME combines your love of sneakers with your individuality, allowing you to express yourself. You decide how you want your sneakers to look, we bring them to life. Here at KIXbyJME, we use some of the best products on the market for every service we provide to you, whether that be our Custom Sneaker Service, our Sneaker Cleaning Service or our Sneaker Restoration Service, we combine our attention to detail with the best products, customer satisfaction is paramount to us. Join us on this movement.

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My name is Jamie and I am the face behind KIXbyJME. Love of everything sneakers, Hip Hop and RnB junkie with an OCD for this brand.

I have always been naturally artistic, however I never made the most of it, not even creating any art since leaving education(apart from the odd detailed sketch of some male genitals, as one does as) so I decided to combine my love of art and sneakers back in October of 2020, it was on my mind for a while before then to make a start but surrounding myself with creative people helped fuel my ambition to make a start in this industry of customising sneakers.

I’m always looking into new and improved techniques to keep developing my skills and knowledge and I never let myself get comfortable. I’m striving to be the most versatile in this industry.

I’ve met and built some friendships with many amazingly talented artists and I can honestly say, this is one of the most, if not the most amazing, helpful and friendly communities I’ve been apart of and I cannot wait to continue to grow and keep putting out content for you all and above all, continue to create a smile on my customers faces, because for me, that is what drives me more than anything.

Thank you all for your support. Follow KIXbyJME and I on this journey.


Jamie – KIXbyJME